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Exclusive Story: Dating A’Disaster Part 2 – Simmyideas Tech Hub

In the confusion, I dragged myself to the kitchen and prepared a chocolate drink to cure the sudden dizziness. While sipping, I ponder on what to do? How am I going to explain to my friends that I lost my hubby to another man. Never! Tufiakwa! God forbid bad thing.Exclusive Story

I am going to fight for this relationship. There’s no way my daughter would grow up in this confusion. I thought of the perfect solution. One involved killing Tolu which I believed wouldn’t be a criminal offence, knowing that he’s gay already.

A better idea came to my mind. Why not break my husband heart and teach him that his action is against the law of nature. And what better way to do that than by seducing his new man-wife.

That night. Adisa and Tolu spent the night in his chambers and I lay awake making plans. In the morning, Tolu had woke early to make breakfast and prepare Kike for school. I was aghast but still maintained my calm. Adisa drove our baby to school.

I was left with Tolu at home – a perfect time to execute my plans. Soon, we started chatting and he proved to be an interesting person. I teased him constantly and was throwing the pillow at him every now and then. He started feeling at home and took excuse to take a shower.

He was bathing when I joined him. He was shocked. Fear and aspersions written all his face. To cut the story short, I seduced him and he was very good at his game. After the shower, we did more and he didn’t disappoint either.

For a week, this madness continued. I was dating my husband boyfriend and he was giving me all the joy that Adisa was depriving me. On Friday of that week, Adisa came to his senses and came to my room. This time, we made love loud. And I bet Tolu must have heard from Adisa chambers – which now serves as his harem.

A fresher trouble started the next day when Tolu wanted to have sex and I rejected. He threatened to disclose our affairs to my husband and I gave. Three days later, I discovered I was pregnant again.

I thought the ownership of my pregnancy was enough confusion until Tolu insisted we have sex the next day. I told him that I was pregnant and was elated that the pregnancy would be his. When I told him I had sex with Adisa the other day, the anger that enveloped his face was unquantifiable. It was as if his face was masked with a thin tomato paste.

In a twinkle of an eye, Tolu grabbed me by the throat and threaten to snuff the life out of me. I struggled hard to hold on to my breath. My whole life flash through my cornea in a phantasmogoric replay. Suddenly, he let go and I collapsed on the floor.

While trying to regain my strength and whatever was left in me. Tolu dropped down on, tore my pants and raped me on the spot. I was too weak to scream. Tears trickle down from my eyes like dews slipping from the tip a papaya leaf. In the four corners of my heart, I was already begging for death.

Without him knowing, Adisa sneaked in and hit with a pestle. Tolu summersault like a bicycle gyrating from an accident. Adisa didn’t forgive him. He pounded his bleeding head into a smothered paste. My gay husband is now a murderer.

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