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eRRANDA Technologies Set To Solve Logistic Challenges


A Nigerian tech start-up, eRRANDA Technologies is set to launch a People-to-People internet-enabled delivery solution that promises to solve a lot of logistic challenges facing persons and small and medium scale businesses in the country. Founded by King Victor Amakodi, a UI/UX professional, joining him as technical co-founders are Osho Joseph; a full stack software engineer, and Franklin Tochukwu, a front-end software engineer. They stated that while they are planning a launch soon, their website is already live for the public to sign up to their waitlist.eRRANDA Technologies

Speaking to journalists, the CEO of eRRANDA, King Amakodi said that eRRANDA is a platform that “will connect businesses with travelers with the sole aim of getting the travelers to help transport their small goods to their customers with speed since the model leverages on already intended travelers. The travelers will in-turn be paid for the service.”

He disclosed that there are at least 2.3 million Nigerians who travel every day within the country. Amakodi stressed that the eRRANDA app can be leveraged for seamless deliveries. He said, “eRRANDA connects travelers to people who need to move goods, deliver a package to any destination within Nigeria. It also helps travelers earn while traveling or help cut the cost of traveling ”

Amakodi is an expert in UI/UX designs. He also has a robust background in sales, business development, branding, customer satisfaction and customer relationship management. He has garnered professional experiences at reputable multinationals like PZ Cussons, Procter & Gamble and others where he held managerial roles before setting out as an entrepreneur.eRRANDA Technologies

Adding his voice, co-founder, Osho Joseph said that the insight from the platform was born from their innate desire to use technology to solve practical problems. “We were trying to solve real-time problems using technology. eRRANDA is a win-win situation for both the traveler who is earning while traveling and the business person who is able to fulfill his promise to the customer and do so with speed. The platform helps businesses match travelers, agree on pickup modalities and initiate the delivery process. We have also put security systems in place to make sure that the traveler does not abscond with the goods and have set up guidelines to prevent the peddling of illicit or dangerous items using the eRRANDA app.” He said.

When asked whether the platform is secure from data prowlers and hackers, co-founder, Franklin Tochukwu stated that given the combined expertise and experience of the three of them, they have been able to come up with a secure platform that is interactive across all devices, protects the data of the users from infiltration or hacking and secures the payments of travelers upon delivery.

He said, “I am sure that eRRANDA will soon become a household name in the country. We put our heads together to produce a secure platform that any small business or any person can use to reduce the logistics stress. We are sure that your data is safe from hackers and you can conduct fast and secure deliveries using our platform. Also, we all know that the current price of fuel has made logistics an unbearable task for many people and small businesses. It jacked up to as high as 300 per cent, so Instead of having to deal with the high costs from traditional delivery companies or drivers and bus park unions who also charge higher, may not deliver goods in a timely and responsible manner, you are having a more personal connection with someone who sees the benefits, earns for doing it and delivers to your client at a reduced cost.

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Join the waitlist of users by signing up via and you’ll receive email from the handlers on steps to be part of the innovative initiative.

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