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Reliable and Affordable Web Hosting – Rilla Web Hosting

Finding your way through the Web Hosting service jungle is not easy, Rilla Web Hosting is a compelling web host that offers more features than the competition and at a better price, The best all-purpose web hosting providers in Nigeria.Rilla Web Hosting
Rilla, one of the top players in domain registration and web hosting has announced its full operation. The company has revealed a standard and affordable web hosting plans.
While speaking with newsmen and representing the company, Olalekan Adekunle said, you don’t have to compromise quality with a price that is why our services are standard, reliable and affordable. With as low as N280 per month, you can have your website online.
Rilla specializes in affordable domain names, web hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, Email hosting, SSL certificates, web design, and digital marketing services. Free domain services including URL Forwarding, Email Forwarding, Transfer Lock, and Total DNS Management, give customers comprehensive control over their domain portfolios.Rilla Host
The ultimate goal and mission is to enable everyone launched their ideas, brands, and business online.
We strive to provide innovative products and services at a great value. Our mission has been and still is to provide that rarest combination — the highest quality web hosting plus servers, reliability, and some of the most affordable prices in the industry.

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All Rilla packages come with Free SSL and it also providing 24/7 – round the clock top-notch support to its client and customers. When it comes to uptime, downtime, and speed the category pretty much speaks for itself.

Rilla host also has an affiliate program which enables you to earn 10% of the total purchase of someone you refer. To Sign up, visit >>

For more information, visit 
Instagram: @rillahost, Facebook: @rillahost, Twitter: @rilla_hostContact:
Tel: +2348123730650
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  1. nice information

  2. Thank you for this fascinating and informative article.

  3. Thanks for the review. Really needed it. I am definitely going to use RillaHost

  4. You cleared all my doubts mate about Nigerian Hosting Company, thanks :)

  5. I LOVE your writing techniques!

  6. Thanks Bro,,,Good Informaion

  7. hi thank you for the video, has this web hosting got a good support , is it good for a business website ?

  8. Let me know your experiences with your hosting companies!

  9. Hey Simmy, great job as always. Whats your thought on WhoGoHost?

  10. Does anyone have any experience with Qserver? I came across them and checked them out, and they seem like you get a lot for a small price. Just wondering if the servers are fast and reliable

  11. Thanks for your honest article, it was really helpful. I have been using WhoGoHost for years and it was fine but this year was horrible. One thing to say for WhoGoHost: get away from it…..It is not the best thing when you wake up and you see that your sites and apps are not working because the server is down when you didn’t do any changes in your codes or databases. If it happens once it is understandable. But when it happens like every second day and their support sucksand they don’t have anything to say for the issue then it is time to change. Get away from some hostings too, they are owned by the same hosting company (EIG) and from what I read everyone had the same issues with them. I will choose RillaHost I think but I didn’t decide yet. Thanks again for the review.

  12. i see RillaHost in 2019 have good review what you think?

  13. Great Review. Keep it up

  14. great article thanks for putting your effort and time to do it 🙂 it helped me a lot :)

  15. So do you have affiliate discount arrangements with these hosting companies that you recommended?

  16. Hi sir if my site is getting 100k+monthly trafic then ? Which hosting u suggest and which plan?

  17. Hey Simmy. Big fan of your blog and vlog. I am just starting web building

  18. Thanks for putting this together. Most of the other articles that reviews hosting companies were obvious marketing platforms. It’s nice to have an actual non-biased opinion on this.

  19. What do you think about DomainKing?

  20. hey Simmy I want to know what is the meaning of 25000 Visits , I saw it on DomainKing web hosting service

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