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Cheap Web Hosting Services | High Quality Hosting at a Low Price


Get the good stuff without the premium price at Rillahost. Rillahost is one of the better budget hosts out there; A Cheap Web Hosting Services | High Quality Hosting at a Low Price.

1 website, 100 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth*, free domain** and free email.Cheap Web Hosting Services

Rillahost the largest hosting provider around.Rillahost - Best Web Hosting in Nigeria

Our websites load faster and deliver performance and security.

Rillahost get it, you need a website that loads fast. We provide multiple data centers to ensure sites load quickly, with robust infrastructure featuring  99.99% uptime, 24/7 security monitoring and DDoS protection. It’s performance and security that’s hard to beat.

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Simple and easy interfaces.

You might assume that offering Cheap Web Hosting Services means we’d skimp on the user experience. Nope. Rillahost keep things easy and straightforward to minimize frustration. That way, if you want to transfer a domain or add another email address, you’re good to go.

Done right for less.

Just because Rillahost offer Cheap Web Hosting Services, doesn’t mean that we’re low quality. Rilla 100GB for high traffic website Hosting plan includes unmetered bandwidth and 100GB of storage — which gives you plenty of room to publish your awesome website.

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Why choose Rillahost?Cheap Web Hosting Services

Website hosting that doesn’t break the bank.

Think that getting your website hosted is going to be expensive? Well it can be, but not here. We offer plans starting at $2.

Web hosting solutions for everyone.

Choosing a host for your website doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Rillahost know web hosting, so Rillahost have tons of options to choose from — just pick your plan and get rolling. Of course, if you need more robust features like VPS and dedicated servers, Rillahost can handle you there as well, just upgrade when the time comes. It’s the best of both worlds.

Take things to the next level.

Ever had a great idea and want to turn it into reality? With Rillahost business tools, Rillahost can turn your new web hosting plan into an awesome website, whether you build it with WordPress or hire someone to design it for you. There’s nothing wrong with starting things off simple, and Rillahost can help you every step along the way.Cheap Web Hosting Services

Why do I need web hosting, anyway?

Having a domain registered is just part of the equation. Once that’s secured, you need a website, sure. But hosting is what lets people check it out. Think of it like this: the website is your house, the host is the lot it sits on and the domain is your address. Simple, right?

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Frequently asked questions

What is Cheap Web Hosting Services, and why is it so inexpensive?

Rillahost web hosting is powered with Shared Hosting technology. Most hosting companies used shared hosting for their basic web hosting services. Because most websites don’t use many server resources, shared hosting lets our engineers put many websites on the same physical machine. This is how we can provide a reliable service at a low cost.

Does Cheap Web Hosting Services mean low quality?Cheap Web Hosting Services

Absolutely not! Just because the price tag is cheap doesn’t mean the service is poor. Our web hosting enjoys the same reliability, uptime, and performance as our more advanced hosting services. We still use top-of-the-line hardware to power our Cheap Web Hosting Services to make sure that your website is up and running when you need it.

Will this hosting plan work for a business website?

In most cases, yes. If you have a simple website or business blog, or even several websites, you shouldn’t have problems hosting your sites on Rillahost shared web hosting. However, there are some cases where Cheap Web Hosting Services may not be right for you.

If your website needs a larger amount of resources than most, you may be better served with more advanced hosting, like Business Hosting or a Virtual Private Server. Furthermore, if you are running a large e-commerce platform or online store, you may want the extra horsepower that a VPS or dedicated server provides. But for the vast majority of businesses, Rillahost shared web hosting will be more than enough for your website or blog.

Will the price of my web hosting always be this cheap?

When you buy web hosting at the lower introductory price, you will have that hosting at that price for that purchase term. After that year is up, your hosting will renew at the normal price. This means that the more years you buy up front, the more you save. If you know that you’ll have your website up long term, we always suggest buying the most hosting you can get. This way you can get the most bang for your buck when it comes to Cheap Web Hosting Services.

Can I upgrade later if I need more advanced hosting?

Yes. If it turns out that your website or application outgrows shared hosting, you can upgrade to more advanced hosting, such as Business Hosting or VPS.

Business Hosting has the same experience you get with normal web hosting, except that it has more power behind it. With Business Hosting, you don’t need to worry about ongoing server administration like you would with a VPS.

With a VPS or Dedicated server, you get more resources, but also more control over the server itself. Keep in mind that a VPS can be much more complicated to use than your normal Cheap Web Hosting Services. Managed VPS takes care of a lot of the important back-end stuff like security and monitoring, but you will still be responsible for the overall administration.

If you need the power of a server but you don’t need the additional flexibility of a server, Business Hosting may be right for you. If you need the flexibility of a VPS or Dedicated Server, but you are not able to manage the server on your own, make sure that you select the Fully-Managed option when you purchase your server. A Fully-managed server lets our experienced professionals act as your personal server administrators.

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