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Common Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems /Errors And How To Resolve


Sometimes, in the process of using conlog prepaid meters, certain errors are thrown up, which may leave non-technical customers confused, and resorting to irrelevant steps in resolving the errors. Article well written about the Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems.Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems

Majority of the prepaid meters displays errors that can be fixed by the customers. That is why this article of the Common Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems /Errors is here for you.

Are you looking for solutions to the Conlog prepaid meter problems? With more and more households and businesses connecting to prepaid electricity.

Some of the errors may require the input of a trained technician. There are also shortcodes attributes to each meter that customers can use to display relevant information.

For example, a customer can use a shortcode to display the last token input entered on a meter. Sometimes a step like this is necessary to confirm if the last token entered by the customer actually registered on the prepaid meter.

Some of the problems that people encounter are fairly common. However, decoding and solving them may be difficult. Our guideline is meant to highlight the issues that people face while using Conlog meters, along with their solutions.

Hence, it becomes essential for prepaid meter users to learn the errors and their meaning so as to provide solutions that can work. Note that errors can be due to Token, Connectivity, or Configuration from the meter itself.

If the prepaid meter is new, it must first be activated before tokens can be loaded, After activation, the Key Change Token is also needed to configure it, then it can accept credit tokens.

The following conlog meter errors are worth knowing:


This error means “Terminal cover open”. It is displayed when the terminal cover is not fitted correctly, which may be due to the incorrect installation of the terminal cover during meter commissioning, or when entering a clear tamper token.

If it is from meter commissioning, install terminal cover and repeat the commissioning procedure, otherwise, install the tamper cover correctly and re-enter the clear tamper token


This error means “Invalid token”. It is due to failed authentication of a token.

The token could be invalid because the meter serial number on the token doesn’t match the physical meter number on the meter or the tariff index on the token is not the same as the tariff index programmed into the meter.

It can also be due to the supply group code that the token was made on differing to the supply group code in the meter, but most times, it is because the token was entered into the meter incorrectly.

To resolve the error, check the printout of the token. Try the short code #000# to compare the parameters of the meter, or run a specific item in the test.

You can also Run #030# for the supply group code (SGC), and #006# for the tariff index. All the information should be validated to determine why the token didn’t work.


This error means “Token entry lockout active”. It happens when a token is entered incorrectly or is not valid, and the meter automatically locks out for a period of time.

Wait till the remaining lockout time is elapsed. Once this time is complete, enter a valid token.


This error means “Duplicate or used token”. It is shown When a token has the same ID as a token already entered on the meter.

To fix it, Enter a valid token, and discard the token that is not valid.


It means “Meter full, and occurs when the credit loaded from a token takes the credit balance over the maximum amount permitted for the meter. The meter cannot accept more credit than the maximum credit limit.

To resolve,You can use the token at another time


This means “Expired token”. The token has an ID older than the oldest token loaded on the meter. It has expired and is too old to be loaded on the meter.

To fix, enter a valid token.


This means “Token processing failed”. It is displayed when the token is accepted by the meter but cannot be processed.

It may be due to connectivity, try loading it at a later time.


It means “Expired meter decoder key”, it is displayed when the meter decoder key has expired. The unique meter key has expired and the meter cannot accept tokens.

To fix, the utility must change the meter key by entering a key change token.


It means “Display overrun”, and can occur when the value displayed is greater than the maximum display area of the screen.

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Common Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems

Conlog meters are very robust, which is why they are so popular around the globe. However, there are some issues that may crop up every now and again. The following are some of the common Conlog prepaid meter problems;

  1. Unable to load electricity token. No connection to your utility. RF CON error.
  2. Meter not turning on.

Unable to load token onto Conlog meter (RF Con Error)

The RF Con error is probably the most common of the Conlog prepaid meter problems that you will encounter out there. Conlog meters communicate with your utility either via the electricity cables themselves, or wirelessly via Radio Frequency (RF). The ones that connect via Radio Frequency are the ones that throw an RF CON error. But what are the solutions to this problem?

Steps to solve the RF CON Error on a Conlog meter

If you have a Conlog meter that connects via Radio Frequency (RF) to your utility, you can try taking the device outside to see whether or not you can establish a connection. Sometimes, the network in your home or office will be blocked, giving you errors. The following are some of the other steps that you can take to resolve an RFCON error;

  1. Press on the back arrow on your Conlog meter.
  2. Enter #75#.
  3. Enter #80#.
  4. Type in #36#

The first step is meant to clear the user interface. Step number 2 checks the signal strength. This is where we said you may need to go outside to get a better signal. Step number 3 refreshes the meter. The last steps repairs your Conlog meter.

Move the meter to another electricity socket

If you have the type of meter that gets connected to your utility through the electricity lines running from your home, then one of the first things that you should try in the event that you are having a connection error is to move the device to another room.

Connect it to another socket within your home or business. Sometimes that’s all you need to do to resolve the issue of failing to topup your Conlog prepaid electricity meter. This works because sometimes there is a break on your power outlet that cuts the needed connection with your utility.

Take your Conlog meter next door

Another solution that you may try is to take your meter next door to get connected from there. Again, the idea behind this is to establish a connection with your utility.

Plug the meter into your neighbor’s electricity socket and try to load your token from there. Usually by the time you get back, electricity will already have been restored in your home.

Conlog meter not turning onConlog Prepaid Meter Problems

Other than the failure by your meter to communicate with your utility, you may also encounter the this Conlog prepaid electricity meter problem. In the first instance, we were talking about an RF Con error. However, in this instance, we are talking about a meter that totally refuses to be switched on. You only get a blank screen. What are the solutions to this problem?

There are a number of things that you can try to solve this issue. Make sure that the batteries in your meter are in good working order. Also make sure that the cable connecting your meter to a power outlet has not been cut. If there is a fuse on the socket, check that out.

Meter error codes

E01 – Meter not initialised – contact Ikeja electric or DISCO

E02 – Meter not calibrated – contact Ikeja electric or DISCO

E03 – Internal error – contact Ikeja electric or DISCO

E04 – No supply voltage present

E07 – Communication error between the meter and UIU

E08 – Wireless user interface error – Ikeja electric or DISCO

E09 – Incompatibility between the meter and UIU

E10 – Software error – Ikeja electric or DISCO

E20 – Remote disconnection initiated


In this article, we outlined some of the most common Conlog prepaid meter problems. It was noted that one of the most common errors that you will get on Conlog meters is the RFCON error. That indicates that there is a breakdown in communication between the meter and your utility. There are a number of steps that you can take to resolve this issue.

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