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Temitayo Tella Speaks on Fashion and How To Promote Your Brand Using Social Media


Temitayo Tella talks about everything from founding his own Fashion company to social media and lot more.Temitayo Tella

Today it’s great to showcase the talents of development junkie and designer Temitayo Tella, most well known to myself for his work on his own self entitled clothing line. Tella has a wide ranging array of talents and business knowledge and I trust you can find this latest interview as insightful. Today we discussed; social media, the future of facebook, social media circles and the online clothing world.

Temitayo Tella has been designing clothes for over 7 years after he graduated from Lagos State Polytechnic where he Studied Accounting, he made his own  agbada, buba, sokoto and various types of fila or caps. Temitayo Tella is an Idea Machine, Development Junkie. he make people, projects, businesses & communities better. The Team Lead at Brandszevous his fashion brand but getting to where he is now hasn’t been easy.  Temitayo Tella

One of the better reasons to start a business is when you find a unique and clever solution to an everyday problem. It’s always a great personal pleasure to connect with designers and all round turned on creatives in various industries to expand your horizons and knowledge. I think it’s important as a designer not to stay too locked down in your own niche area of design, we should look to outside inspiration in t-shirts, web design, print design and more!Social Media - Temitayo Tella

Simmyideas Tech Hub recently caught up with Tella for a video chat, Watch as Tella sheds some light on his career as a fashion designer and gives us his best advice for making it in the fashion indsutry.


“Owning a clothing line isn’t an easy or glamorous endeavor,” Tella said. “It’s tough work that pays off successfully if you give it your all and enjoy what you do.”

Thanks to Temitayo Tella for taking his time for this interview today.

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