Soji Towels: Self-Cleaning Towels Protect Against Bacteria and COVID-19


Soji Towels: Self-Cleaning Towels Protect Against Bacteria and COVID-19

Soji Towels - Simmyideas

Did you know that your towels are the dirtiest things in your home? A study reported in The Daily Mail revealed this uncomfortable fact a few years ago.

After just 3 days, your towels contain hundreds of times more bacteria than a toilet seat!

And it’s not just bacteria either. Odor-causing mold and fungus love to grow in the moist crannies of your towels. Allergens cling to the fabric and cause illness and inflammation, and even viruses like COVID-19 can spread from your toilet to your towels and survive there for up to 7 days

The time has come to do towels better. It’s time to stop wiping your face with bacteria and drying off with musty towels.

Luckily, it’s easy to make the change to a better towel. Soji Towels are woven with real antimicrobial silver, making them completely immune to bacteria, viruses, mold, fungus, and allergens. They will never get musty or smelly, and as an added bonus, they’re made with super-soft bamboo fibers.

There’s no better feeling than wrapping up with a clean and snuggly towel after every shower. And now, you can do just that while keeping your home and family cleaner and safer.

Want to learn more? Pre-order your Soji Towels now and get up to 50% off the retail price.

How do Soji work? And are they worth the price? Here’s what you need to know.

Silver’s Antimicrobial PowerSoji Towels - Simmyideas

Silver is an element with superpowers. Not only is it beautiful and valuable, but it also kills germs with 99.99% effectiveness.

Silver kills bacteria, deactivates viruses, and prevents the reproduction of mold and fungus. It even kills allergens like dust mites. This is why silver has long been a popular material for dishes and utensils (aka SILVERware). It’s guaranteed to be sterile for every use even if it hasn’t been washed recently.

Now, artisans have figured out how to combine silver with fabric to make linens with silver’s antimicrobial powers.

That’s exactly what the makers of Soji have done.

Real Silver is fused into every bamboo fiber of Soji, meaning it can never wash out or fade away. Soji are guaranteed to be 99.99% sterile for life, no matter what they go through.

That means no more bacteria that can give you acne or cause illnesses. No more allergens that can cause inflammation, runny noses, and more throughout your day. And more importantly, no more risk of COVID-19 infection from your towels.

All it takes is one infected person to use your toilet and all of your towels can become infected with COVID-19 (a plume of the virus can be released into the air when the toilet is flushed). Don’t take the risk!

Odor-free for Life

Soji Towels - Simmyideas

Don’t you hate those musty odors from your towels? Well, you’re about to hate them even more.

These smells are not the natural smell of a damp towel. The odors are byproducts of bacteria and mold growth. It means there are so many germs on your towels that you can actually smell them… ew.

Soji eliminates towel odors forever by eliminating the source. If bacteria and mold cannot grow, then your towels will never smell musty.

Even if you don’t wash Soji for weeks, they will always smell like freshly cleaned towels.

Bamboo Bliss

Soji Towels - Simmyideas

Clean towels are a must for families, especially in the COVID era. But you shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort for cleanliness.

This is where Soji really stands out from other antimicrobial fabrics, which tend to be scratchy and coarse. Soji are made with ultra-soft bamboo fibers and woven with traditional Japanese weaving techniques that bring out the plushness of the fabric.

This extra plush comfort combined with Soji’s hefty silver fibers makes each towel feel like a huge, silky blanket. It also helps that Soji are oversized for easier snuggling.

Soji are so comfortable that you’ll want to use them in bed and on the sofa. And because they are anti-microbial, you can use them however you want without worrying about germs.

Durable Weave – Soji Towels

Soji Towels - Simmyideas

Soji’s unique Japanese weave makes for stronger towels that get softer over time. The weaving method is achieved by looping fibers and then binding those loops within each other. This reinforces each thread with multiple others, which prevents fraying, loosening, and pilling.

The looping method also creates a lot of empty space for airflow within the towel. This gives Soji its plush feel, and it also helps the towel stay soft over time. Every time you wash and dry Soji, it will be “puffed up” with fresh air and become soft as new again.

Great on the GoSoji Towels - Simmyideas

Soji aren’t limited to your bathroom. Because they are antimicrobial, you can take them anywhere. Soji make great beach towels and picnic blankets. Thanks to their open-air weave, Soji dry 3x faster than other towels, so you won’t have to put a wet towel in your bag after a quick dip.

They are also perfect as baby blankets because Soji are easy on sensitive skin.

You can even cuddle up with your pet on Soji. Any slobber or germs will be sterilized instantly by Soji’s silver fibers.


Soji Towel - Simmyideas

Soji clean themselves so you don’t have to clean as often. With Soji towels, you can reduce your number of laundry loads by over 100 per year. This assumes you wash your normal towels every 3 days. But even if you only wash your towels once a week, you can still eliminate 52 loads per year.

Switching to Soji has big benefits to your wallet, your time, and your carbon footprint. Each year, you can save:

  • $120+ in bills
  • 100+ hours of time
  • 50k watts of electricity
  • 40,000 gallons of water
  • 100+ kilos of carbon emissions

Yep, Soji can save you $120 a year. And a set only costs half that much! It doesn’t make sense not to switch to cleaner towels, especially if they MAKE you money.

Get Your Hands on Soji (and Get 50% Off)Soji Towel - Simmyideas


Don’t wait to make the change to antimicrobial towels like Soji. It just isn’t worth it to keep bacteria-infested towels in your home. They can make you and your family sick and cause breakouts and allergies. Plus, they are perfect vectors for the spread of COVID-19.

Get rid of the dirtiest things in your home and enjoy a cleaner, fresher feeling every morning with Soji.

Now, you can get Soji for a special pre-order price of up to 50% off. That means you can get a set of these silver-infused towels for the same price as a couple of normal towels. Don’t wait! Once the pre-order period is over, these premium towels will sell for a premium price.

Learn more about Soji and order your towels today at

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