Mobi: The Most Advanced Hybrid ANC Headphones under $100


Looking for an incredible deal on a new pair of headphones? I don’t even care if your current headphones are due for an update or not.Wireless Earbuds

You NEED to check out the new Mobi headphones. These are the first true wireless earbuds to feature hybrid ANC, AI-powered audio, and massive 12mm drivers. That means huge sound and some of the most effective ANC ever made.Wireless Earbuds

They also feature an astounding 100-hour battery AND IPX6 waterproofing.

And you can grab them for an absolute STEAL right now on Kickstarter. They’re going for just $65 for lucky early-bird backers.Wireless Earbuds

It might sound too good to be true. But remember, this isn’t the retail price. Everyone else will have to pay around $200.

Even for Kickstarter, this deal is too good to pass up. Get there NOW and make a move.

Below, we’ll give you our thoughts on Mobi’s top features.

Next-Gen Hybrid ANC Wireless EarbudsWireless Earbuds

We wouldn’t be quite so stoked about these earbuds if they featured standard hybrid ANC.

Don’t get us wrong. Hybrid ANC is the best type of ANC there is. But Mobi’s hybrid ANC takes things a step further.

Here’s how.

Standard hybrid ANC uses 2 microphones to provide more comprehensive noise canceling. There’s a feedforward mic to pick up sounds from your environment, and a feedback mic to eliminate any noise that passes through the speaker.

Mobi’s next-gen hybrid ANC adds an additional feedforward mic for a total of 3 mics per earbud. This extra mic allows the headphones to detect distance and movement much more accurately. They can triangulate your position and detect incoming noises precisely, terminating sounds from the full range of audio frequency.

The feedback mic then listens to what the feedforward mics have canceled. Any additional sounds that have crossed the ANC barrier are canceled before they reach your ears.

Mobi’s ANC is so advanced that it can even detect the movement of the earbuds in the ear canal and cancel out sounds caused by changes in air pressure.

These are the only full-frequency ANC earbuds out there, and they come with maximum ANC power. At 30 dB of noise-canceling, they beat out Apple’s AirPods Pro by 50%.

Calibrated by Artificial IntelligenceWireless Earbuds

One reason that Mobi’s ANC is so accurate is that it’s assisted by AI. The AI enhances your listening experience in multiple ways.

It assists the feedback mic

The AI listens to your music and calls in real-time, detecting the smallest noises and artifacts in the sound quality and eliminating them before they reach your ears. The AI recognizes over 6000 distinct sounds, so it knows exactly what noises are supposed to come from your headphones and what noises are foreign.

It calibrates the ANC to cancel sounds more efficientlyWireless Earbuds

If the AI detects a jackhammer in the distance, it will ramp up the ANC to neutralize it. If it recognizes a slight hum from a passing car, it will lower the ANC’s power to counter it.

The AI’s measured approach is what allows Mobi to deliver advanced ANC power from 3 mics without draining the battery. Unlike other headphones which put up a constant wall of ANC, Mobi only uses its power when it needs to.

Transparency mode

Transparency mode is a separate ANC mode that you can activate if needed. In this mode, the AI will allow certain sounds to pass through the speakers to your ears, such as sirens, alarms, digital assistants like Alexa, voices speaking to you, and more. It allows you to remain aware of your surroundings while still enjoying the immersive power of Mobi’s ANC.

Transparency Mode is perfect for bikers, joggers, travelers, and anyone who listens on the go.

Oversized 12mm Drivers

Driver size is directly correlated to audio quality. Bigger drivers mean better sound quality.

That’s an issue with true wireless earbuds because you can only fit small speakers inside them.

Well, Mobi didn’t seem to care about that. They ballooned their earbuds up two sizes to fit extra-large drivers inside.

At 12mm, Mobi’s drivers are 2-3x bigger than the competition. Most true wireless headphones have drivers around 4-8mm in diameter.

As a result, Mobi look a little bit fatter than the average earbuds. But they sound so much better. 12mm drivers in a tiny earbud create a surround-sound sensation, so you feel like your music is everywhere. This is further enhanced by the full-frequency ANC.

More impressively, Mobi produce strong, gut-reverberating bass beats. Until now, no other true wireless earbuds have been able to do that.

A 100-hour Battery

Mobi’s battery power is off the charts. 10 hours of playback per charge is longer and stronger than almost all other true wireless headphones. There’s an additional 90 hours in the carrying case, so you’ll probably only need to charge these buds once every month or two.

When the earbuds lose power, you can charge them up to 6 hours of playback by putting them in the carrying case for just 15 minutes.

The carrying case charges via USB Type-C fast charging, and it can charge to full in just two hours. Another cool thing is that it can charge wirelessly too if you have a Qi pad.

Life-Proof Durability (IPX6)

Headphones this cheap don’t usually have a strong build. But Mobi are not a knock-off or a gimmick. These headphones are reinforced and sealed to prevent damage from shock or debris.

They also have an IPX6 waterproof rating.

This means Mobi can take sustained, powerful jets of water from any direction. Mobi can handle any intensity of rain and all the sweat you can dump on them. You can even wear them in the shower!

More Mics Mean Clearer Calls

Mobi’s ANC mics work double-time when you’re using your earbuds to make and take calls.

The two feedforward mics on each earbud triangulate your position and detect your movement for the most accurate voice isolation of any earbuds. Essentially, is a quad-beamforming mic setup.

The AI also assists in calls by monitoring your voice and the caller’s voice and canceling ambient noise. So, you can have meetings and chat with friends while you’re walking down busy streets or running on the treadmill and all anyone will hear is your voice.

Grab Mobi Now or Pay the Price

Right now, Mobi are the most affordable premium headphones on the market. They have more advanced features than headphones by Apple, Bose, and Sony, and they cost a quarter of the price.

If you’re looking for a pair of cheap earbuds, don’t go for the Amazon off-brand. Pre-order Mobi and get a legit pair of GOOD earbuds for $65.

Don’t wait. Once the Kickstarter campaign ends, you’ll have to pay around $200 for the same earbuds.

Learn all about hybrid and AI-enhanced audio and pre-order your Mobi now at

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