ExoGun: Cutting-Edge Massage Device


ExoGun: Cutting-Edge Massage DeviceExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

Whether you’re a professional athlete or a commuter facing a lot of stress at work, tension can take a massive toll on your health. It can stiffen your muscles and drain your energy, resulting in a lot of pain and discomfort. Since you’re on a busy schedule, you’re looking for a quick solution, and this is where ExoGun DreamPro comes into play.

ExoGun is a hi-tech percussive therapy device that goes a long way towards alleviating stress and returning functionality to your body. Let’s see how it works and how it can benefit your health.

ExoGun HighlightsExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

ExoGun renders deep tissue massage using a breakthrough method called percussion therapy. It can work wonders for your body and is supported by a bunch of handy features.

Percussion TherapyExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

Percussion massage offers the motion of real physical therapy in a gadget you can use at home. The method differs from regular vibration procedures, which simply shake muscles repeatedly to loosen them up. Conversely, ExoGun’s percussive treatment performs vertical movements using the motorized head to improve muscle function.

For athletes, this technique can significantly reduce post-workout recovery times by breaking up fascia and facilitating blood flow to tired muscles. ExoGun cuts down lactic acid build-up by directing your blood to affected areas, providing instant relief.

It also works if you’re suffering from chronic muscle problems related to spasms, strains, tension, and acute injuries. The device helps you relieve tense muscle tissue and regain range of motion. It eliminates any pain by melting muscle knots and improving circulation.

ExoGun’s SpeedExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

ExoGun is a highly competitive device with a powerful motor that produces up to 3,200 percussions per minute. It also comes with six different speed settings and a 16-mm stroke.

For greater intensity, the gun can be manually pressed against the muscles. However, it shuts down automatically at 60 pounds per square inch of pressure to prevent injury to the tissue.

Various AttachmentsExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

ExoGun DreamPro features four attachments to tackle certain muscle groups:

  • Ball head – This is the primary attachment designed to help larger muscle groups. It’s perfect for post-workout recovery.
  • Bullethead – The bullet head has the most intense setting, providing focused percussion treatment to small areas or tight knots.
  • Flathead – The flat head isn’t as intense and is great for newcomers. You can use it for large muscles (e.g., glutes) due to a non-aggressive shape. It won’t cause an injury if it hits a joint or bone. The attachment is a great starting point for people intimidated by ExoGun’s power.
  • Fork Head – This attachment is divided into two sections designed for muscles reaching the spine. It can massage these delicate areas without compromising your spine and causing injuries. Its unique shape also works for treating sore calves.

Ergonomic HandleExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

ExoGun has an ergonomic grip to facilitate its ease of use. The model is held like a regular pistol, with most of its weight distributed in the top section above the hand. This design provides outstanding stability and range of motion, allowing you to perform percussive therapy with pinpoint accuracy.

You can use ExoGun with one hand for nearly all your muscle groups, including along your spine and behind your head. It is especially meant for the legs, arms, shoulders, and pecs. The machine is easy to operate and boasts solid stability in solo massages.

ExoGun Is a High-Quality PieceExoGun Cutting-Edge Massage Device

Overall, ExoGun is a very polished product with excellent potential to help you manage stress. Its percussion therapy efficiently releases muscle knots and improves blood flow to reduce pain. Combined with a powerful motor and four attachments to target virtually any group, it’s fully equipped to combat tension

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