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The Effectiveness of Technology on Therapy


The present world has witnessed incredible transformations that provide humanity with a better room to live ultimately an easy and better life. These stunning changes which tremendously surfaced in the 20th and 21st century could be seen in the advancement in modern technology. Conspicuously, technology has had its way positively into different areas of life (communication, health, education, photography, entertainment, finance, and whatnots) enhancing productivity and playing other significant roles.The Effectiveness of Technology on Therapy

There are quite a number of platforms for online therapy that showcase modern technology as an exceptional agent of change. BetterHelp is one of the larger online therapy platforms – click here to learn more. Other well-known online therapy programs include Talkspace, Teen Counseling, Pride Counseling, Amwell, 7 Cups of Tea, Doctor on Demand, and MDLive. Technology has been observed to have provided therapists and counselors with novel routes to render mental health assistance, help to get the full comprehension of people’s mental wellbeing, and monitor frequently improvements and adherence during treatment sessions.

According to GoodTherapy, It is pertinent that every therapist takes good note of the legal principles (HIPAA/HITECH)  and codes of ethics which must be followed by them in the use of modern technology. These laws and ethics codes will guide them in selecting the appropriate forms of tech to use and how these techs can be used effectively in their practice.

Some Pieces of Technology Integrated into Therapy

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, technology has been of great help in different ways to doctors, researchers, and the public as a whole. It is seen to have played a vital role in the collection of data and mental health support. Some pieces of technology that have been of great assistance include mobile apps on mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, and cell phones), internet-based support group, telehealth, and virtual reality.

Technology can be seen to be effective in therapy basically in relation to mobile mental health support. Communication has been incredibly made easy as you may decide to get in touch with a crisis center through a call, email, or text message when the need arises at any moment in time. In addition, there are some highly sophisticated mental health apps that you can get on your tablets or smartphones through Android app stores and iTunes that could help detect behavioral changes and give a notification showing that an urgent help should be sought for before such condition results in any complication. Furthermore, there are other apps that focus on depression, anxiety, and substance abuse that may also help individuals with self-management and the enhancement of thinking capacity and memory. There are others that link people up with a counselor, therapist, or any other health care professionals.

Other relevant kinds of tech include:

  • Telehealth: Telehealth is a kind of technology that provides you with the opportunity to meet a health care professional through video chat or mobile phone. It is a cost-effective method of mental health treatment and a channel that makes it easy for you to consult with a mental health professional without necessarily meeting face to face.
  • Internet-Based Support Groups: There are support groups that are internet-based. They help people in need of mental health treatment but strongly prefer anonymity, or those that may find it difficult during working hours to see a therapist. With internet-based support groups, members are usually made to have access to educational resources and may also be given opportunities to relate with one another on the sites.
  • Virtual Reality: virtual reality, simply put, refers to a computer technology where an imagined or real environment is stimulated basically to make the user interact with it as if it’s present in the real world. It’s a new method of treatment brought into mental health that may be of great mental health assistance to patients battling with post-traumatic stress disorder. This, perhaps, will help with the recreation of what triggers them personally in order to improve their ability to cope with their present medical condition. Often, it’s a kind of technology that helps to deal with anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders.

Benefits of Technology on Therapy

Notably, technology has indeed been of great benefit in this age. It has amazingly transmogrified the way things are done in a better way. In mental health, it has helped therapists to achieve a welcoming relationship with their patients and effective treatment sessions. The following are the obvious benefits technology has on therapy:

  • It makes things convenient: Convenience is what most people crave for during treatment. This is what technology offers. You may decide to take your treatment anywhere and anytime( in the comfort of your home, car, or office). Through technology, you do not necessarily need to see your therapist in person.
  • It gives room for anonymity: Not everyone wants their identity to be revealed during treatment. Technology has made it possible for people to conceal who they are or what they may be going through to other people.
  • It may be cost-effective: Sometimes, some individuals prefer online therapy because it helps save costs. There are some mobile apps that you can get for free or with a small amount of money.
  • Global Benefit: Technology has made it possible for everyone to get therapy no matter where they could be even in remote areas.
  • Encouragement: Some may decide to continue online therapy ordinarily because some modern technologies make it look more appealing to them than the traditional methods of treatment.
  • Availability: Technology has made 24/7 service provision of therapy, intervention support, and regular monitoring of patients’ improvement a reality.
  • It makes the treatment program consistent: Technology may help users get similar treatment programs.


In a nutshell, the effectiveness of technology has greatly impacted therapy leading to a phenomenal transformation in mental health. This is characterized by different benefits for therapists and those with mental health challenges.

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