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A Complete Review on Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter


Are you looking for the best metering solution or a prepaid meter has just been installed in your apartment? Conlog Electric prepaid meter is the best bet for a smart electricity solution.Conlog Prepaid Meter Problems

Conlog Prepaid meter is the best-prepaid meter for properties’ electricity usage that with your electric consumption needs.

In this article, we will be discussing A Complete Review on Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter that will furnish you with all the information you should know about this type of prepaid meter.

Overview of Conlog Prepaid MeterConlog Electric Prepaid Meter

Conlog is a world-leading electric company that specialized in providing smart meters and prepaid solutions to about 4 continents and over 20 countries. Getting the Conlog Prepaid meter for any kind of application is like using the world’s best Prepaid Meter.

It has been in operation in Nigeria for over a decade and has its first office in Ikeja, Lagos State. Their main aim is metering homes worldwide. it can be used at homes, offices, warehouses, and business premises.

How Does Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter Work

How the prepaid meter works are very simple. These prepaid meters will count the electricity flow used in KWH.

And when the user uses electricity, the meter balance decreases and there is an LED light on the meter which flashes when electricity is been consumed. the quicker the light shines the more use is made of the unit.

How to Bypass Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter

It’s a punishable offense under the decree act to bypass the Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter but however, but disconnecting or removing all voltage connections, through this kind of meter bypass can be detected which works fine and perfectly.

The best method is putting or installing a jumper in the meter terminal such that the connection is bypassed and the energy consumption will not be registered

N.B: I would not advise you to follow this method because it is a punishable offense under the Law as I have said earlier anyone caught will serve a jail term.

How to Recharge on Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter Online

Conlog Electric Prepaid Electricity is very easy to purchase online and very cool at the same time, with your phone, the electricity unit can be bought via various means through online banking or direct bank payment which are measures used.

Login Online through your Bank Application or any online vendor, pay for the units you need through any of your desired means and get the token to input your meter, and you are done.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Hack Code

It is always recommended to be sure that you are not paying for someone else bills as you are using Conlog Prepaid Meter, simply go to your meter interface and key in #001#, and you will rest assured that the meter is definitely yours.

if you can’t remember to copy your meter number and you need it, just press #100# and the meter number will display. To know the estimated time before disconnection, you can press #07# and the meter will show the remaining time.

if you were disconnected and you need to know why, you don’t need to stress yourself by calling customer care, just press #073#, and the reason will be displayed on your conlog meter.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Activation

To activate Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter, it is to visit their nearest office closer to you or visit their website ( to input your meter number on a field that will be required you to generate a token.

The activation token will be automatically generated. Then get the generated token or note it somewhere and input it on the Conlog Prepaid Meter for activation.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Error Codes

When the Conlog Prepaid Meter is not working, the problem comes in form of an error code with might need you to contact the headquarters of Disco covering your community.

Here is a list of Conlog prepaid meter error codes:

  1. E01—meter not initialized
  2. E02—meter isn’t calibrated
  3. E03 –  internal fault
  4. E04 –  no supply voltage
  5. E07— communication error between the meter and UIU
  6. E08—error with the wireless user interface
  7. E09—meter and UIU aren’t compatible
  8. E10—software problem
  9. E20 –  remote disconnection initiation

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How to Install Conlog Prepaid Meter

A technician is required to install the Conlog Prepaid Meter which will be done perfectly well. the installation should be done according to your type of building.

The Installation is done based on the type of structure that is been occupied. A freestanding home maybe with a single building, A single prepaid meter is required but a home with different units and flats needs an additional Conlog Prepaid Meter.

Conlog Prepaid Meter Price

The Price of the Conlog Prepaid Meter is fixed according to the phase you are buying. A One Phase Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter goes between NGN35,000 to NGN40,000 while the Three Phase Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter goes between NGN75,000 to NGN80,000 depending.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Conlog Prepaid Meter

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of using the Conlog Prepaid Meter:

The Advantages of using Conlog Prepaid Meter

  • Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter doesn’t require making payment for a deposit for electricity, Just recharge your meter and that is final
  • there is the elimination of estimated bills with the Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter
  • No more invasion of the Nepa or Power Officials into your compound or facilities in the name of the reading meter
  • Elimination of Inaccuracies of cost of accrued bills by the electric supply companies
  • Conlog Electric Prepaid Meter is designed to withstand the rigor of daily use by users

The Disadvantages of using Conlog  Prepaid Meter

  • Once the unit of power runs out, you are immediately out of power, and you are thrown into darkness
  • Payment is required to be paid before using the meter. No Unit equals no usage
  • The prepaid meter comes at a high cost and the maintenance cost is very high


The Following are frequently asked questions about conlog electric prepaid meter

How Can I Load my Conlog Prepaid Meter?

Here is how to load token on Conlog Prepaid Meter:

  1. The first step is to input your 11-digit meter number. Wait for a few seconds till you see the DONE display.
  2. Punch in your 20-digit token carefully to load your prepaid meter.
  3. Your credit token will load successfully into the meter if you do things correctly.

However, if it shows the FAIL display, that means you need to follow these processes:

  1. If you have two 20-digit codes from your vendor, punch them in one after the other. I.e. Enter your meter number first, one of the 20 digits codes, then the last 20 digits code.
  2. You will see DONE appear on the screen. This means you have successfully loaded the credit token, and the error display should disappear.

Loading tokens on your Conlog Prepaid meter should be hassle-free. That is with no stress. If you follow these steps correctly and your meter displays SUCCESS, power will be restored in a matter of seconds.

Note that after recharging your token, ensure to check the unit balance. Ensure it tallies to the token unit you recharged. If it does not, there are possibilities that a percentage has been removed to settle a debt you owe on the meter.

If the error still persists, you can visit your nearest DISCO office to make a complaint. The issue could be electronic.

How Can I Check my Conlog Prepaid Meter Balance?

Checking your conlog prepaid meter balance is by pressing “07” on they keypad and then pressing the enter button. The available balance shows in this format: 123.12

Why is my Conlog Meter Keep Showing RF CON?

When you notice the RF CON error shows on your conlog prepaid meter, it can be as a result of poor power supply to directly to the meter which comes directly from the transformer

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