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How to Setup Gaming Room- 8 Pro Tips


Are you planning to decorate or set up your gaming room? It’s like a dream come true feeling for gamers when they decide to set up a separate gaming room. It’s an escape from the rest of the world, and you make memories here with friends and family. 

The gaming room must be comfortable and energetic where you love to play for hours while relaxing your mind. Luckily, here are some pro tips for the perfect setup of your gaming room. 

Size of the Room

While setting up your gaming room, have a thorough look at your space. Place things according to the size of your room. If your room is sleek, go for intelligent shelving, elegant audio and video systems.  

By making a perfect choice, you can have enough space for yourself and your friends. Don’t place or hang huge decor items if your place is small. Instead, opt for a blend of modern decor.

If your space is large enough, you can play a lot with decor and setup. Install an extra complimentary set and make it an overwhelming experience. You can go for an extensive system with speakers and wall units with racks.

Gaming System How to Setup Gaming Room


The system itself is the main element of the gaming decor. It’s entirely your choice if you want to keep it traditional like arcades or modern PS4 or Xbox.  Buying a sleek screen or bulky depends on your space.

Make sure to hide everything behind the screen unit. Soundproofing is part of the system. Your gaming sessions may involve loud noises; make sure to soundproof your room. 

Make the whole audio-video setup tidy with a hidden wire network for headphones, gaming remotes, and Wi-Fi routers. 

Comfortable ChairsHow to Setup Gaming Room


So far, the chairs are one of the essential elements of your gaming room setup. Go for comfortable recliners. You can sit on them for hours, and you don’t want your neck and lumbar region to ache. Buy the size and number of chairs according to the expected guests.

Comfortable recliners with elbow rest and neck support are readily available online and offline. Make sure you have a table or small cushioned bench for keeping your remote or keyboards.

A Game Library

If you are a hardcore gamer, you must have your collections from past and present. So make space-saving vertical shelves for storing your gaming magazines, articles, CDs, and all other stuff.

 Don’t hide your collections in some closet. Instead, showcase your love, and every visitor of yours will be in awe when he goes through this mini-library and will know about your craziness over games.

Perfect Perfect Lighting

The lighting of the game room is an important aspect. The famous RGB red, blue, and green LED lights look so dope. Concealed lights and disco lights also go with the gaming room. Gamers prefer medium-light in their room.

You can place modern sconces and lamps on the furniture of your gaming room. If you have windows, hang dark and heavy drapes so that you can enjoy the screen much more. 

Some people prefer natural light in their gaming room, which is very unlikely, but let your windows do that if you are one among them. 

Wall artHow to Setup Gaming Room


No one wants to leave their walls empty. Thankfully, there are a whole lot of ideas for wall decor. You indeed have your favorites in the gaming arena; go for posters of your favorite superhero or gaming characters in canvas or photo print style. 

Also, you can put your famous dialogues in frames. Suppose one wall is dedicated to Marvel superheroes; the other can be reserved for DC superheroes.

You can easily make customized canvas and photo prints of your favorite gaming lines and characters online. If you have large walls, go for big posters or frames which cover at least sixty percent of your wall. You can check more wall art ideas for gaming rooms here.


Your floors can have geometric prints or interesting two-color patterns. If you plan to save time, throw a cushioned carpet or an attractive rug all over the area. The floor shouldn’t be incomplete so pay attention to this detailing as well.


If you have enough space for placing some furniture, you can showcase your accessories on the table. Place your excellent headphones or new gadgets. Place a wooden trolley on a side with all your favorite snacks and drinks. 

Everyone likes to munch a little in between gaming sessions. Your place must be convenient and comfortable. You can install a long narrow table with plants and framed photos on it. 

You can borrow furniture from your own house or local markets if you have the finances and freedom to experiment. Whether small or large, gaming can be a fulfilling experience by keeping all these tips in mind.

Final Words

Everyone wants to customize the place according to their personality. So make sure what you love, and don’t hesitate to show it off. Plan your gaming area according to the space and budget. 

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