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At Parkwell; The Future of Parking is Smart Parking


Do you sometimes cancel that party plan or get-together because that means that you would have to worry about finding the perfect parking space for your car that is void of insecurity and exorbitant fees? ParkWell is here with the solution!!!At Parkwell; The Future of Parking is Smart Parking

Have you ever been stuck in traffic and worn out and all you want is to find a safe parking lot to leave your car and take a bike home?

ParkWell is here with the solution!!!

ParkWell is the platform that allows car owners to get a safe, secure and affordable parking space for their vehicle.

We can say that this startup is the bridge between car owners and parking space owners, that is, it creates an opportunity for property owners to make extra cash by allowing them to list their parking spaces for free on the platform, which is a win-win for both parties.

With ParkWell, you worry less about the payments because payments are cashless and made via your ParkWallet on the ParkWell mobile app, so you don’t have to worry about cash or deal with the issue of change.Parkwell

Luxury restaurants allow you to make reservations for your dates, hangouts, private dinners, etc. The awesome news is that ParkWell also allows you to make reservations for your parking spaces at your preferred location, that is if you have an event on Saturday, you can reserve your space as early as Monday morning right before your weekly meeting.

Another interesting thing is that some parking spaces have insurance which would cover your car in case of any accidents while parking your car, also when you use them overtime you tend to belong to a part of a new community.

ParkWell is using technology to solve parking problems in Nigeria in the most affordable way. You can visit the website to learn more or download the Parkwell App.

How it works

Get parking spaces with Parkwell in few steps

01  Set Up Account

Create an account easily with your phone number and get started within minutes

02  Choose Location

Search for parks within your current location or for parks at your destination.

03  Enjoy Parking At Ease

Book ahead of time and park without worry.

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