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Growing up, Lola wasn’t tall, her height at 14 was almost the same as her 8 year old brother. Her mates constantly teased her that she would never have a boyfriend, talk the more of ever getting married. This gloomy forecast did not bother Lola as what she lacked in height, she had in abundance upstairs – in her brain. This however does not endear her to other girls who consider her too small to befriend, or too brilliant to be considered normal.Lola Crush

One Friday evening, a corper was posted to Lola’s school. He was tall, hazy eyes and the kinda lips you’d only see in Indian movies. The naughty clique in front of Lola gossip and whisper what they would have loved to do with the new corper. In Lola’s school, it is commonplace to hear rumour of a teacher or corpers dating one of the prefect or beautiful SS3 girls. But because of her tiny stature, even her colleagues do not consider Lola worthy of a relationship.

One of the naughty clique, Bimpe, the one with a pointed noise like a HB pencil just graduating out of a sharpener, bragged that she’ll be the first to gain the corper attention. Amidst them, the others boast of what they had do if trapped in a room with the handsome tutor.

Out of nowhere, Kudi, one of the girls teased Lola, “smally, what would you like to do with our sexy, corper?” The shy Lola was confounded. What would she do with a teacher that does not even take SS3. She paused and thought of what to say before the girls commence mocking her.

“I will be his first date!” The girls were astonished. Smally too ideas. Bimpe did not buy it and dared, “you cannot do it!”

“That corper would be spending the night with me this weekend,” the tiny girl assured.

Taking the dare, Lola was encapsulated by a mixture of fear and mystery. What potpourri has she gotten herself into by trying to sound bold. She was afraid. What if the corper did not end up liking her?

The next day, Lola arrived school well polished. Her friends too were prepared to frustrate her plans. Constantly, one of the notorious clique was shadowing her every move. But she has a plan. A good plan that if it fails, she’d end up in tears and big shame. That afternoon, she Lola was able to garner enough intel about the new corper. His name is Kunle and he takes Further maths which happens one of Lola’s strong points.

The next day was Wednesday and Lola took the bull by the horn by visiting the corpers staff room. One corper Kunle desk, Bimpe and her cliques were seated. Seeing her, they dangled their eyes like a bull dog suffering from short-sightedness. Lola was frightened but she did not know when a spirit descend on her and push her to Kunle’s desk.

Good afternoon sir. She greeted, dropping her notes on the desk to prevent having to look at his hazel eyes. Good afternoon dear. How are you. He responded.
He called me “dear”, Lola thought, he mind jostling between thinking about Kunle’s eyes or pink lips.

I am fine sir. I don’t know if you ‘cos I actually need your help sir.
Her gaze were still fixed on the desk, afraid of looking at Bimpe and her notorious; or the thought of just turning back & saving herself the embarrassment.

Without knowing, Kunle’s finger move to her cheek and raised her cheek up, “You can always look up when speaking to me dear. Please sit.“ She sat and watched him shoo Bimpe and her clique to excuse him. Initially, they were reluctant, their face swollen from me stealing the corpers attention. Still, they did not leave, they hanged around like the soul of ogbanje waiting for me to falter. “Actually sir, I heard that you are a Further Maths master and I would appreciate if you could help me with one topic I am struggling with”.

Corper Kunle was thrilled about the idea. He explained everything, taking me from the basics to the core. Constantly, I look at his face and imagined him rested on my chest. No. I resting on his. My mind constantly wandered what would happened if I was locked up with him. What if I tried to kiss him and he rejected? What if I told him that I was a virgin, would he liked me?
“Are you listening?” the corper asked.

Yes sir. I nodded, “I get it now”. Thank you very much. By the way, my name is Kunle.
“That’s nice, I’m Braimoh Odekunle.” “Oh, you’re a Muslim!“, she asked, almost regretting the moment the words slipped out of her mouth. He giggled, “No, I am a Christian. I hope to see you another time. Take care”
Kunle rose from his seat and picked his textbook for his next class. Lola watched him and continued blushing. “I think he likes me”. She hopped and waltz to her class. Outside the corpers office, Bimpe and her friends hanged around. Sighting her, they latch her. Fortunately, she escaped to her Seat

The next day was Thursday. So corper Kunle did not come to school because he had to attend the weekly CDS meeting. Lola has only one day to make Kunle his. On Friday, before the corper could have his seat, Bimpe and her cliques had occupied all the space on his desk with their notes and textbooks. The competition was real and Lola was not prepared for this. But Kunle seems to be enjoying the attention. His left hand was rested on of Bimpe friend lap. Lola fumed. How could he be placing his hands on her. That dirty dullard girl for that. “Mr. Kunle, please can I see for a minute, ” she asked. Kunle did not argue before standing up to give her his undivided attention

Actually sir, I had like to invite you to a lunch in my this Saturday. It’s just an ordinary lunch and I had like you to teach me one aspect of logarithm that I am not getting.

“Oh, no problem dear. I will give you my number and you can easily text me the time and location.”
Gbam and that’s how Kunle fell into Lola’s trap. In her mind, her soul was rejoicing like a pauper who just won a jackpot. Lola is actually a smart girl. Her parents are going to Shilton that weekend and fortunately for her, she attend a different church.

Lola thought of buying a sleeping tablet to drug the corper when he visits. She thought it rash. Maybe she would just snap some pictures of the two of them on cushion and that would do. She was not sure. She actually wants him.

On Saturday, Lola texted Kunle the address few minutes after her parents left. She rushed to the kitchen to prepare yam. Later, she would make some scorched egg. By 5, Corper Kunle arrived at Lola’s house. The house was well lit and beautifully furnished with expensive but aging furniture. Lola tried to welcome him with a shy hug. Kunle did not object and hugged her tight. I think he likes me. She thought, “Where are your parents?” Kunle asked. “Everyone is at Shilloh and they won’t be back until tomorrow.” The corper was undisturbed. Lola served him a plate of yam and scorched egg. When he was halfway through the meal, he pulled Lola closer and started spoonfeeding her. Initially, she was shy, but after three spoons, her coyness seems to dampen.

After the meal, Kunle relaxed and asked Lola to bring her notes. They discussed logarithm for 15 minutes before corper Kunle deviate into some uncomfortable interrogative questions. How old are you? Are you in a relationship? When did you have your first kiss? 16, no, nil. She hurriedly replied.

Kunle was thrilled. So I would be your first kiss. He teased, making Lola feel more uncomfortably shy. Noticing that, Kunle raised her head up with a finger and kissed her lips gently. Lola heart pounded like someone who had seen a ghost. That was corper Kunle pink lips on hers. He kissed her again and again. Her eyes shut like she did not want to wake up from her sweet dream. By the time she would open her eyes, Corper Kunle was already shirtless and was fumbling with his belt?

“Mr. Kunle, what are you doing?” she asked. “I think we are done with further maths” Before she would know it, Kunle was just in pale boxer and singlet.

“Actually sir, I am not ready for this, I am already late for my choir pract…” Before she could finished statement, Kunle was all over her; kissing her voraciously like his life depended on it. At the beginning, she enjoyed it, then her conscience came and she struggled to make him stop. Eventually, she succeeded when she told him she wants to get him a condom. Escaping his grip, she ran towards the kitchen but before she could go far, Kunle had caught her sleeve and flung him back into the cushion chair.
“My dear, you’re not going anywhere” he said, smiling like a vindictive predator atop his terrified prey.

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