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Head of Growth, Hafford Technology Speaks on Effective Solution to Power Supply to Start Ups In Nigeria

This is the first edition of The Simmyideas Show for the year 2018, Our guest this time is the Head of growth, Hafford Technology; Benson Ubah who has always been on the verge of effective solutions to power supply. He is an Entrepreneur who is passionate about Technology, Solar Renewable Energy & Agriculture. The power supply in Nigeria is characterized by chronic power supply outage as a result of the supply of energy failure to match the demand for energy in Nigeria. The Poor state of Nigeria power supply has affected the household and industries in varying degrees. 

Hafford Technology is Nigeria’s Leading Clean Energy & Consumer Electronics company building the future of clean energy access in Africa. They design and integrate solutions that cut across all levels of energy demand ranging from small household solar hybrid systems to mini solar grid systems for rural electrification, industrial power backup systems or large scale off-grid projects by partnering with professional installer across the country, investors, manufacturers. They make Clean Energy Solutions Simple, Reliable and Affordable to meets all energy needs.

Hafford Technology based in Lagos building the future of clean energy access in Nigeria. 90% of businesses & homes in Nigeria rely on noisy generators as an alternative to electricity but this has not been cost-effective and healthy. They are on a mission to make solar energy simple, affordable, accessible and reliable for Nigerians to own so as to replace the widely used generator sets. They target the unelectrified rural communities, residential homes, commercial sites, schools, hospital, real estate etc.

Specialties are Solar, Inverter, Clean energy, Renewable Energy, Consumer Electronics, product design, and rural electrification

More Nigerians are craving for alternative energy solution to end the PHCN epileptic power supply. These needs gave birth to a growing solar energy startup HAFFORD TECHNOLOGY whom is striving to solve the inconsistent power supply by providing reliable & cost effective solar & inverter solution. There mission is to connect over 5,000 homes & business yearly. Hafford Technologies committed to unlocking its vast energy so all of us can enjoy the freedom it provides. We believe in changing the way our world is powered. For our Home, For our Business, For our Kids, For the planet, Forever.

Recently Hafford Technology partners with DenigSolar in the distribution of affordable & reliable plug & play solar and battery backup system to help Nigerian homes, small and medium-sized business take control of their energy consumption. DenigSolar systems are scalable, making it possible for you to start with …

He tells us more about his start up, YES!!!  HAFFORD TECHNOLOGY, His biggest dream as both which came true and which is yet to come true, his biggest fear and how he overcame it, how they have been thriving and how they are competing with the big players in the industry, A message to those who have any ideas and yet to take that bold step and soo much more?

Don’t mind our guest, He was shy and soo nervous while he was on set. Enjoy is session on set and dont forget to Subscribe to our channel to get more updates: http://bit.ly/2mBj6AG

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