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Here at Simmyideas, we’re big fans of imthatBabs, a student and an online entrepreneur who is dedicated in doing what he knows how to do on the blogosphere.iamthatBabs - Simmyideas

Location: Iyana Ipaja, Lagos, Nigeria
Current Gig: CEO of imthatBabs
One word that best describes how you work: Vibrant
Current mobile device: infinix Zero 4
Current computer: Hp 250

Precious Whyte was lucky enough to interview an Entrepreneur, Student, Health and Fitness Blogger Abel Babalola while he speaks about blogging goals and objectives, online business and how to get a grip of the whole thing, to accomplish your goals whether it is to make money online or to sharpen your skills, there are so many great quotes in this interview I didn’t know how to choose; so do head over to watch, listen the entire piece. she asked him what we all really want to know – here’s what he had to say…

Abel blogs at and he owns a few more blogs on niche topics. He is an expert in a lot of areas but he understands affiliate marketing, email marketing very well

Message from Abel:

Hey Simmy, Hello everyone… Thanks for having me on your show, I’m truly honored to be here.

As some of you may have or may not have seen, I’m kinda shy and uhm you’ll see me avoiding the camera during my session, Please don’t mind me… I’ve taken some time to review the questions again and have my answers here in details, you’ll probably find this helpful in addition to the video.

I. What are the three things to check if you love your niche? Very easy.

– I’d check if it’s something that I see myself doing or at least dabbling with in the future, you know? Like this is what I talk about on my blog.. I know about this to an extent and I’ll talk about it anywhere. It’s better to first check this out instead of rushing into a niche due to other reasons.

– Then you gotta go after your needs as well cause whilst others are learning about what you write uhm.. You need to be one step, no two step ahead in the game… Your niche has to benefit you too.

– Then if the niche makes money. You gotta check that out. Some niche are boring and so hard to make money online from. I’ll be honest with you right now, If you have chosen a niche that’s boring and even harder to start giving you your ROI, you’re gonna get frustrated at some point..

So basically get a fine blend of everything together. Also make sure that it’s a niche people around you are interested in, you’re knowledgeable about it, it’s not that boring or you can make it lively, it makes money, not so saturated and so on.

II. What’s the best way to promote your blog? Through Influencers or Social Media? Honestly there are a lot of blog promotion channels. Social media I’d say is one of the most effective way of promotion… Influencers can really help but those can come at a later date when you have a bigger budget cause this channel of promotion can be a bit pricey. So it’s advisable to start small, With your social media channels… A little bit of ads then from there take off to other channels (e.g Influencers).

III. What are the three basic features of a blog design for all niches? Simple.

– First you need to attend to the website speed, this is very important and can have a tremendous effect on the site whether positive or negative.
– Then move on to the interface which needs to be all nice and smooth.. No complications, easy to navigate.. Nice readable fonts, tons of whitespace and clutter free design.
– Content placement, quality and quantity also matters.

IV. The forums question – Other than Nairaland in Nigeria? Well, Forums are kinda becoming a thing of the past, at least here in Nigeria. Everyone’s blogging ?

V. What is the best way to get more traffic by creating quality contents? I’ll tell you outright. Two things:
– Keyword focused contents
– Then make them as detailed, in-depth as possible.

VI. Email marketing software to get started with? Mailerlite. All the way.

Alright so that’ll be all for now. Lets not forget, action is the foundational key to success. No one was able to get stuff done by just thinking and lingering around.. Do stuff, do your research then apply. Be a doer.

Thanks for reading thus far. I’ll be available to take questions so just add them in the comment section and I’ll take a look:)


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