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This story doesn’t have a beginning so I would just start from the end. My husband of two years wants to bring in a second wife. But that is not the story. Let me drive back to the beginning so that you can have a clear picture of my present dilemma. Yes, how we started.Exclusive Story

I think I met my Adisa 60 days into my service year. He was looking tired and was there for the monthly clearance. Then, I was assigned to the LG secretariat and was in charge of Corpers’ documentation

To be honest, I didn’t like him at first. Safe for his perfect gator on his face and dazzling gaped teeth, everything about him was unsettling. To worsen the matter, he requested for my phone number immediately he was through with his documentation and I didn’t hesitate in granting his request.

A week later, he called and asked what was my plan for the weekend. I had none and he agreed to take me out on a date to Chicken Republic. It was really a really charming day and he was real. We flowed from one chat to another and that night, we made love.

After the date, it took three weeks before Adisa remembered to call my phone. I wasn’t that surprised. I sold myself cheap and gave a bad impression of myself – and the kind of home I came from. We spoke briefly as it was evident that our connection had diminished. Within a minute, he was done and I went back to forgetting him.

Until the next morning that I was heading to work and saw Adisa on bike with a new lady that I wasn’t familiar with. Somehow, I maintained my calm until I saw them driving towards Chicken Republic – the same Chicken Republic that he took me.

My head erupted like a volcano struck by lightening. Temper fume out my nostril like molten magma. I wanted to trace them and embarrass him but I still maintained my calm.

The next day, Adisa called and I accosted him with scornful questions. He was not ruffled but rather insisted that I come to his place for the night so that he can clarify everything once and for all. I hesitated a bit. Then I agreed.

That night, he told me that having sex – as he termed it – with that lady was a dare he had with his friends and I was told what we had was love making. That he truly loves me and I was the one for him. What if I was another dare? But before I could utter this out, he had skillfully slipped his hands into crow top and we were back to making love.

That night, my life changed.
I got pregnant.

My parents were furiously disappointed but they were against abortion. So things progress sporadically and I was Mrs. Adisa before the end my first trimester. We were happily married. An official couple during NYSC and Adisa proved to be a charming and dotting husband.

I gave birth to Kike five months after POP and Adisa love for me never diminished. Things were going fine and he was placed as an MD in one of his father’s company.

Trouble started a week after Kike clocked one. I observed that Adisa was less interested in me and our “love making” had become something that I had to initiate before it takes place. I confronted him if he was cheating. He told me he had no other lady. I believed him.

One Friday night after that, Adisa sat me down and gave me a soul vanquishing confession. “Bukola” he started, “I was gay until I met you.” I was sure my skull struggled hard to prevent my brain from imploding. I wanted to ask questions but majority of my strength was devoting to keeping my emotions in check. I smiled as he spoke and considered everything he said as a nightmarish joke.

Abi! How can you be gay and make love to me? Or have a fling with Augustina – the other corper that he took to CR. So, I laughed it off and convinced myself to sleep.

A month later, Adisa returned from a business trip and told me that he was taking another spouse. I was gladdened and I was sure he was surprised that I did make any fuse about his decision; only asking if I can meet the person he intends to marry. He agreed and phoned Tolu to come over to our place that evening.

In the kitchen, I prepared Adisa favourite dish and consider spicing it with a little dose Snipper – the infamous pesticide. I rebuke the thought and joined Adisa in the living to enjoy an MTv show.

During the show, a guy walked in and greeted Adisa affectionately. They hugged tight and kissed each other on the neck. I doubt if I had met him before.

“Bukola, meet Tolu.” “Tolu, this is my daughter’s mother.”

Tolu stretched out his hand for an handshake. The DSTV remote slipped out of my fingers subconsciously. This time around, my head was actually going to explode. My clutch my palms around it to prevent it. Oh my God! This is not happening to me.

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