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An Interview with Saheed Oyede On Social Media In Insurance Marketing Today


Thank you for joining us today, we are really excited because we have got a great insurance expert who is about to give you an incredible insight information that you can only get here, we all know that looking for the best professional for your needs can be intimated but here  is a little secret all you really need to know is the right question we asked about insurance and you are lucky because today’s expert is right here to answer all our questions. In the interview, Saheed shared some hot tips on our insurance coverage plan.

Simmyideas Tech Hub talks to Saheed Oyede, an insurance lecturer from the University of Jos, Nigeria. He spoke extensively about:

  • Why insurance is important to you?
  • How is Insurance policy thriving in Nigeria
  • What are the main career paths for someone getting an insurance?
  • Making the decision to enter the insurance industry:  an advice do you have for someone who is thinking about pursuing a career in insurance?
  • What skills do you think someone needs to have a successful career in insurance 

Watch the interview here:

Mr. Oyede Saheed is a lecturer in the Department of Insurance, University of Jos. He briefly taught insurance courses in the Department of Insurance, Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, Ogun State before joining UNIJOS.

Mr. Oyede has a diploma in Accounting, Bsc in Insurance and a Master’s Degree in Risk Management and insurance from the University of Lagos. He is a recipient of many Awards and also represented the University of Lagos in many different capacities during his undergraduate days.

Before joining the academic community, he worked for NSIA insurance (formerly ADIC INSURANCE), Victoria Island , Lagos for three years in various Departments ranging from underwriting to marketing to claims department.

He strongly advocate that the fear of death should not stop one from sleeping.

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