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PBN hosting involves the techniques of ensuring that links created through private blogs link exchange will boost the main website’s authority, thereby improving the ranking, without being penalized by Google for the rather unethical tactics.

Therefore, it is best to opt for PBN SEO Hosting with multiple Class IP Addresses, whereby you’re guaranteed of different classes of IP addresses for your PBN that will hide your identity and ensure that your site is devoid of footprints to evade penalties.

With SeekaHost PBN Hosting, each Class IP address gets numerically value unique to the IP alone, so that your sites or PBNs will have by far the best of IPs.

Before launching your private blog network, you must consider the vast opportunities offered by top PBN Hosting providers such as SeekaHost. The hosting plans are not only affordable, but also, it benefits the search ranking which will be delivered as a great return on your investment over time.

Now, this is why you must not host your PBN in the traditional manner, if another site on the same C-Block has done some unsavory linking scheme, then the entire C-Block can be penalized by search engines, which will ultimately cause all the sites on that C-Block to be deranked for the errors of one site.

Let’s take a look at how SeekaHost PBN Hosting is more beneficial to business entities, even with a few money sites.

Why is Multiple IP Hosting the Best for PBN SEO?


Multiple Class IP Hosting is the backbone of PBN SEO hosting, which simply involves a hosting package that allows websites to have multiple unique Class IP addresses and the ability to get targeted IPs from different countries.


Having Unique Multiple Class IP Hosting for PBN has a number of advantages in regard to SEO and having unique nameservers is also very important for avoiding footprints and helping to rank private blogs and your money site.

And the most used Class of IPs for PBN Hosting is the Class C IP addresses, which is also popular among SEO experts and for some very good reasons too; you can get Class C IP Hosting packages for your PBNs from SeekaHost on two setups, namely: manually assigned IPs via cPanels or hosting your PBNs as personal blogs via the SeekaHost web application.

As PBN hosting does not replicate the site origin which will leave it identifiable using the IP address and NameServer, makes the allocation of multiple unique IP addresses a must for PBN. It makes absolute sense to have both Class A, B and C IP addresses, with unique SOA and NameServer for all individual domains.

Why Should You Choose SeekaHost for Your PBN Hosting?

SeekaHost was founded by Digital Entrepreneur Fernando Raymond, who is a renowned SEO expert with expertise in building private blog networks (PBNs) and having personally tested the PBN Hosting platform for over 5 years before opening it up to the market.

And PBN Hosting must not be left in the hands of novices, rather it should be handled by the experts to ensure the safety of the blogs to sustain the normal website ranking.

PBN SEO is not magic, it should be handled very safely in order to sustain the website rankings. SeekaHost offers multiple Class IP Hosting packages that come from different IPs from diverse countries to make it safe and ensure the search engines are not able to trace the origin.

PBN Hosting Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is PBN?

PBN stands for private blog networks, which are websites built expressly to create backlinks to rank main websites. It is a network of blogs owned by an individual for the purpose of building backlinks, and most often, PBNs are built on old domains that have gathered a lot of “link juice” and therefore, of great authority on Google. 

  1. What is PBN SEO?

As private blog network (PBN) hosting is a commonly used tactic by the SEO experts to facilitate their SEO activities such as link building. PBN SEO hosting is the technique of providing unique multiple IP addresses hosting for each blog so that each of the blog will act as being hosted/owned by a unique owner, thereby avoiding footprints.

  1. What determines the best PBN Hosting provider?

The hosting provider should as a necessity understand the nitty-gritty of hosting PBNs, just as SeekaHost PBN Hosting has been personally tested by the company’s CEO, Fernando Raymond for over 5 years before opening it up to the market. And SeekaHost boasts of over 20, 000 clients using the PBN Hosting services to host and manage their blogs with 24/7 technical support.

  1. Are PBNs Still Viable for SEO

PBN allows SEO experts to have absolute control on the number of links they point to their main website, which makes it even more powerful today. And it also means they can tailor content as high quality as they chose, since it takes careful arrangement of links and content to ensure the best standing with Google. But PBN owners must invest in high-quality content, as quality content is preferred by Google, which makes it easier to rank on the search engine.

  1. What Domains are best for PBN?

PBN building requires old domains, mostly expired domains, and you’ll still need to research the domains that have clean backlink profiles and are in good standing with the search engines. And registering PBN domains isn’t just as simple as getting on board a domain registrar and purchasing a domain.


The key to PBN success lies in the PBN SEO hosting, which must ensure that the PBN is completely hidden from Google’s track as much as possible. And as PBN makes it easier for SEO experts to manage what links are created towards their money site, it also remains a viable path today.

SeekaHost offers unique Multiple Class IPs for all PBN hosting needs and ensures all footprints are covered effectively. You can also check out the unique multiple IP class private blog hosting packages that provide best blog hosting services with multiple unique Class C IPs for all your PBN hosting needs!





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