Levitation Made Possible with The Volta Lightbulb


Have you ever experienced the awe of levitation? Or the calm of true weightlessness? Now, you can experience the power of levitation with Volta, the levitating lightbulb.

Volta is just one of the levitation innovations by the futurists at Floately. The glowing bulb floats freely in thin air—no strings or wires attached—and brings a sense of tranquility to any space it illuminates.Volta Lightbulb

The perfect addition to a home or office, Volta inspires ideas, impresses guests and clients, calms the mind, and starts conversations.

Volta is much more than a fad or party favor. It’s designed to be a practical lighting solution for your space for many years to come. It’s the first step on a path to the future of electricity and wireless technology.

Are you ready for Volta?

There are many benefits of being the first to adopt wireless electricity and levitation tech. Here are just a few.

Illuminate your Mind

Volta, an illuminated bulb, is the very embodiment of new ideas and forward-thinking. Its warm glow is conducive to clarity of mind—perfect for morning coffee, evenings with a book, or moments of meditation. Its mesmerizing levitation evokes instant relaxation and allows you to de-stress and organize your thoughts.Volta Lightbulb

The world’s greatest minds have been inspired by gravity, magnetism, and levitation—people like Einstien, Newton, Galileo, and even Alessandro Volta himself.

Will you be the next great thinker?

Make an Impression

Everyone knows that to find success in business and personal relationships, you have to make an impression. You have to be memorable. And you have to demonstrate value.

Volta is an instant attention-grabber in any situation. Whether you’re hosting a party, having a meeting with a client, or making friends in a dorm room, Volta will make you stick out in the crowd—and in the best way possible

Describing Volta’s magnetic induction technology, demonstrating levitation, and starting a conversation on wireless electricity will show off your smarts and your confidence.

And because Volta is so pleasing to look at, new friends and colleagues will soon be back for more.

Levitation is Forever

Volta is not powered by batteries or gimmicks. It’s real levitation technology. As long as you connect the base to a power source, it will levitate forever.

Volta’s system of electromagnets only needs an electrical current to levitate freely and indefinitely. That means you’ll be able to enjoy this levitation technology for decades to come.

But what about the bulb? Won’t that burn out? Not anytime soon.

Volta is specially constructed with ultra-strong LED lights that last 50 times longer than the average bulb. Even with daily use, the Volta bulb has enough power to light your home or office for 20 years.

A Better Lighting Solution

Volta isn’t just a longer-lasting bulb. It’s also more durable and easier on your eyes than standard lightbulbs and fluorescent lights.Volta Lightbulb

Volta’s soft glow falls in the ideal light range to give off a feeling of warmth and tranquility. At the same time, it provides enough light to comfortably illuminate a small room or office.

Bright, fluorescent lights commonly found in offices and homes have been proven to cause fatigue, irritability, and brain fog. It’s time to replace these ancient lighting solutions with one that inspires our minds and nurtures our eyes.

Volta is also stronger than the flimsy bulbs you have at home. Its reinforced bulb is 10x stronger than the traditional bulb, and it’s treated to resist cracks and breaks.

In case of a power outage, Volta’s base contains failsafe magnets that will attract the bulb to the base and prevent it from falling.

A Statement of Style

Volta is the perfect blend of futuristic technology and traditional décor. The rich mahogany base and Edison-style bulb have a chic vintage look that exudes professionalism and style.Volta Lightbulb

Volta looks great in almost any space, and it makes a perfect companion to desks, bedside tables, mantles, coffee tables, man caves, and more.

But of course, the true fashion statement comes from the levitation itself. The subtle spin and balance of the bulb draw the eye and communicate a beautiful symmetry. There’s no simpler way to upgrade the look of your home or office than with Volta.

See the Future Now and Save $50

Some settle for nothing less than the best. Some prefer to continue living in the dark.

Which are you?

It’s time to illuminate your potential and upgrade your décor with Volta. And while supplies last, you can get yours for 33% off.

That’s $50 off the price of a new Volta bulb (IF you order before the launch event finishes).

Volta is the ultimate style piece for the forward thinker. And as a bulb that will light your space for the next 2 decades, it will continue to reward you for years to come.

Get your Volta bulb now and view more of Floately’s levitation innovations at

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