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xFyro ANC PRO: Compact yet Powerful True Wireless Earbuds



Most people enjoy listening to tunes while making dinner or on their way to work. Although headphones provide amazing audio, they are often too bulky. You need a smaller product, and this is where xFyro ANC Pro wireless earbuds come into play.

The gadget is a comfortable fit and produces immersive sounds, despite its compact design. Cutting-edge technology permeates this device, providing admirable properties.

xFyro ANC Pro Key FeaturesxFyro ANC PRO

The xFyro ANC Pro earbuds are a true wireless item. There are no annoying cables behind your neck, inhibiting your optimal comfort. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other stellar features.

Exceptional AudioxFyro ANC PRO

Sound is the most important feature of all earbuds, and the xFyro ANC Pro performs great in this regard. The gadget delivers an immersive experience, and the bass effect is one of the best on the market.

Due to carefully balanced highs and mids, the overall audio quality is terrific. The sound is clear and rich on all tracks, and the same goes for voices. Whether you’re listening to a talk show, enjoying music, or watching movies, the earbuds cover every base.

Supporting the first-rate sound is advanced noise-suppressing AI. The product comes with ANC (active noise canceling) that can recognize over 6,000 different sounds. Thus, the earbuds can decide which sounds are relevant and which ones shouldn’t be allowed to reach your ears. This element filters out unwanted noise, ensuring an undisturbed listening experience.

But that doesn’t mean you’ll remain oblivious to your environment. The algorithm can pick up critical sounds and relay them to your ears to keep you informed. The noises include sirens, incoming traffic, alarms, and voices speaking to you. This way, you can use the earbuds without missing out on crucial events around you.

Extended Battery LifexFyro ANC PRO

The ANC Pro is designed to deliver longer listening sessions, with up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playtime per charge. The carrying case features extra 90 hours, providing a total of 100+ hours of playback.

If you use the earbuds for a full 10 hours and wish to keep listening, you need only mount them in your carrying case. It takes just 15 minutes for the device to charge the ANC Pro. On top of that, the carrying case can be fully charged in about two hours using a USB-C port.

Graphene DriversxFyro ANC PRO

Graphene permeates many advanced products, and the ANC Pro is no exception. This potent material is 200 times stronger than steel yet lighter than most other alternatives. It’s perfect for earbuds, as it helps produce better sounds, increases bandwidth, and lowers distortion. The seven-millimeter drivers are 40% larger than standard TWS (true wireless) earbuds, ensuring a clearer music experience.

Easy to UsexFyro ANC PRO

The earbuds boast easily accessible and convenient controls. You can manage tunes and play them from your devices with just a single touch. In addition, there’s access to digital assistants through Google and Siri for performing various activities. You can send messages, make calls, surf the internet, and do much more with your voice.

Industry-standard BluetoothxFyro ANC PRO

The earbuds are equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology – Bluetooth 5.0. It provides a broad range (up to 30 feet) and a more stable connection than previous versions. It eliminates latency issues, which removes audio and video lag usually noticeable when playing media via Bluetooth.

Warding off Water and DebrisxFyro ANC PRO

xFyro had their big break when they introduced the ARIA earbuds. They were completely waterproof, and you could even submerge them without risking damage.

The protection you get with the ANC Pro isn’t quite as solid, but it’s still good enough to take on harsh elements. The device can easily fend off moisture, whether you’re going through a trickle or full-blown monsoon.

What is more, the earbuds are sealed to keep debris or dust from harming the interior. As a result, you can wear them to sandy beaches, and they’ll come out unscathed.

Ergonomic DesignxFyro ANC PRO

The battery lasts so long that you don’t have to take the earbuds out for days, but how comfortable are they? Thankfully, the manufacturer had this aspect in mind as well.

There’s a unique inner-ear fit that prevents any tightness or pressure when inserting the ANC Pro. Most earbuds fit like corks in bottles, but this model rests in the ear perfectly and fits snugly using the natural curves of the ear canal. Consequently, they won’t budge during your cardio or weightlifting sessions.

After wearing them for eight hours or more, the earbuds still feel comfortable and don’t cause any soreness or irritation.

A Complete PackagexFyro ANC PRO

The xFyro ANC Pro is a fantastic, all-around product that delivers high-quality sounds from a tiny, user-friendly package. It makes for a fully immersive experience for a wide range of activities, and the battery won’t fail you when you need it the most.

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