Gravita 3-in-1 Lamp, Wireless Charger, and Bluetooth Speaker


Gravita 3-in-1 Lamp SimmyideasLevitating technology is poised to become one of the biggest design trends of 2021. This year, we’ve seen some of the first levitating décor pieces. While they’ve been interesting to play with for a few minutes, none have made real practical additions to the home or office.

Until now.

Gravita, the new crowdfunding success story circling the web, is a levitating desk lamp that triples as a wireless charger and a Bluetooth speaker.

It’s the first levitating light that actually decreases your clutter and makes a noticeable improvement in your desk layout.

Oh, and it actually looks like a light, unlike other levitating bulbs.

You can still pre-order Gravita and get 50% off the retail price right here. And you definitely should.

Here’s why.

Levitation that Makes SenseGravita 3-in-1 Lamp

Levitation is cool and all, but if it’s nothing more than a gimmick, there’s no reason to spend your cash.

Gravita is the first levitating light that utilizes tech worth your money.

Gravita’s bulb floats in mid-air with the help of dual electromagnets in its base and bulb. When electricity runs through the magnets, it creates an electromagnetic field that suspends the bulb in place.

You can easily levitate the bulb, and the magnetic hold is strong. You can bump the lamp and even spin the bulb without any risk of breaking the field.

Gravita’s levitation also makes it easier to change your lighting. Because there are no light fixtures, you can exchange bulbs for different occasions by pulling one from the magnetic field and putting another in its place. If you’re wondering if it feels like you have The Force while changing bulbs, the answer is yes.

Gravita comes with one bulb that emits a warm glow (designed to reduce stress and focus the mind). But for an extra $25, you can get additional bulbs with different intensities. $25 might seem like a lot for a bulb, but these bulbs last 20+ years each, making them worthy investments.

Wireless Charging HubGravita 3-in-1 Lamp

Keeping your devices charged has never been easier. Gravita’s lamp base is a wireless charging hub, so all you need to do is set your phone or tablet down on the wooden surface to start recharging automatically.

Need to charge more devices? Gravita also has USB-C and USB-A ports in the back of the base, so you can charge everything you need and keep your desk clear of adapters and excess wires.

This is a major advantage of having Gravita on your desk at work. Not only does the warm light keep you focused and driven, but you won’t have to worry about forgetting your phone charger anymore.

Built-in Speakers

Gravita 3-in-1 Lamp

Tired of lugging a Bluetooth speaker around? Now, you can use your lamp as your speaker. Gravita features a built-in Hi-Fi Bluetooth speaker. It pairs with any of your devices, just like a normal Bluetooth speaker. So, you can use it to listen to your music, pair with your computer at work to watch videos, or use it with your phone to make calls on speakerphone.

The quality of the speaker is quite good. It’s about as dynamic as a mid-range Bluetooth speaker from a major brand like Sony or JBL. The volume range is also impressive. The speaker can easily project to a large living room or conference room.

You won’t want to use it as your primary speaker for your entertainment system, but it’s perfect for an office or bedroom.

Sleek LookGravita 3-in-1 Lamp

One thing we like about Gravita is that it actually looks like a lamp. Finally! Other levitating bulbs float upright on a flat surface and look like something from Frankenstein’s lab. It makes them very prone to accidents.

Gravita is different.

Gravita’s bulb suspends in mid-air at the end of a craning lamp neck. A slender metal neck arches above the base and supports the bulb. It looks like a sleek, minimalist desk lamp without the lampshade.

The design significantly reduces the risk of accidents and saves a lot of space compared to previous levitating models. The design is also more discreet and professional. Basically, it looks like a tasteful piece of décor and not a science experiment.

Durable and Energy-Saving

Gravita makes sense when it comes time to pay the bills. If you’re using it at home, it can significantly reduce your expenses. Gravita’s LED bulbs consume about 80% less power than standard bulbs. And because they last for 20+ years of daily use, you’ll see a lot of savings over time (not to mention reduce your carbon footprint).

Gravita will last you a long time too, so those savings will continue to benefit you. The powerful electromagnets in Gravita will never lose their force as long as an electrical current can run through them. That’s a lifetime of levitation and wireless electricity.

Gravita’s bulbs are built to last for their entire lifespan. Reinforced and shatterproof, they are 10x stronger than standard bulbs and are incredibly resistant to shock and drops.

Though if you’re careful, drops should never happen. Gravita has a failsafe mechanism to prevent the bulb from falling if it gets bumped or if the power source fails (like, in a blackout). An additional magnet in the neck of the lamp will pull the bulb up to the base in the event of an outage.

Get Gravita Now for 50% OffGravita 3-in-1 Lamp

Gravita is the newest in levitation tech, and it’s the best of the bunch. This lamp is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. Not only does it make levitating décor practical and stylish, but it also tosses in wireless charging and Bluetooth functionality to boot. There’s no reason not to pick one up, especially now that you can get one for half off.

If you pre-order a Gravita lamp soon, you can get one for 50% off the retail price. This 2021 tech isn’t scheduled to drop for a while, but the manufacturer has promised pre-orders will be fulfilled by Christmas. That means you get yours early and you can save on gifts for the family (Gravita for everyone!). Pick up multiple Gravita lamps for even bigger savings!

Don’t miss your chance to snag this levitating tech now.

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